Du Soleil translates to “Of the Sun”. We depend on the sun to support many forms of life and from life spawns cuisine. Priding ourselves on preparing the highest quality food; We source local, sustainable ingredients the same week of your event to provide the freshest food possible.

Du Soleil is flavor focused with an emphasis on the experience. We take a unique approach to event de food and think your guest should be comfortable eating in any scenario, so not only do we offer full course meals but we have created a variety of appetizers that encapsulate fresh and unique flavors in bite size portions. Don't let hunger stop you from enjoying the festivities!

Executive Chef

Andrew Eckels

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Andrew spent most of his childhood exploring the bluffs of Lake Michigan and digging in the dirt. From an early age he expressed eager curiosity in nature and it's relation to cuisine; spending long hours in the garden and kitchen as a kid and even more as an adult. With a formal environmental studies education from the University of Utah, and cooking at some of Salt Lake City's favorite restaurants, Andrew has spent the last 10 years crafting sustainable, flavorful, and healthy cuisine.

Encapsulate your favorite foods & flavors with our custom menus, blending an array of small bite appetizers or full course meals

A lot of work goes into a successful event and the food ought to be held to the same standard. We go above and beyond to make each dish special. All of our food is hand crafted by our chefs, same day; fresh baked breads, and pastries. Our appetizers & full course meals will keep your guests satisfied and talking about your event long after it's over.


We want your guests to have an effortess experience while eating our food. Our small bites and appetizers are perfect for any event.They allow your guest to be on their feet while they eat. Perfect for your next networking event.


Our entree's are designed and prepared specifically for you event! Our team of chefs have the capacity to cover a wide range of cusine and have over 30 years of combined experience.

Custom Menus

We offer custom menu services to all of our customers, free of charge. We spend time to understand the vision for your event and create a completely custom menu to make sure your guests have the best experience possible.

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